As a business owner I did not have a lot of free time to study aviation and found myself pulled in every direction.


I had been working on my private pilot license for over one year but still needed to find the time to hammer down on the books and maneuvers in order to be ready for my FAA check ride.


That’s when I called Randon with Randon Aviation for help. I asked him if he could help prepare me for the big day so I could pass with flying colors. He told me he would do “all in his power” to do so and that if I would spend 3 long days with him—I would be “ready to take my check ride.”


We decided the most effective way to do this was to take time off work—disconnect from cell phones, email, and life in order to focus 100% on what I needed to learn for my check ride.


We went to beautiful St George to do this where we would wake up early every morning and work hard all day until late at night.


Randon’s patient teaching method and insightful way of explaining aviation was just what I needed to prepare myself for my check ride.


After 3 long days of book work and flight training I made the decision that I was finally ready for my check ride. We set it up for that Friday morning and well the rest is history—I passed my oral test and check ride with flying colors thanks to Randon and have my private pilots license now. I thought the day would never come.


Thanks for helping me through this challenging and fun time Randon!


I love flying and am thrilled to have the ability and freedom to do so. I would refer Randon to anyone that has the desire to learn to fly. He will make your dreams of becoming a pilot a reality.


Keep your head in the clouds,




David F Nielson


Low Book Sales Inc.

Prime Acceptance Corp.


After looking at several different flight schools and individual instructors I came across Randon’s KSL ad and said what the heck and gave him a call. After a few days we met up for a discovery flight on a somewhat windy day. It was my best one that I had been on and I felt very comfortable even though conditions weren’t nearly as ideal as they had been for some of my other discovery flights. I felt much more like a person during that discovery flight and less like a number as I had experienced while looking at other flight schools.


I signed up a few weeks later and started flying. I enjoyed every flight and Randon was a great instructor making sure to instill confidence in me as a student even after some very rough landings. When it finally came time for my check ride I ended up having to fly in less than ideal conditions and I thought back to my first flight in the plane. I ended up having a great check ride and loved every minute of my training with Randon. He is very good at letting you set your training pace but he will still push you to your limits to be a best yet pilot.


Randon is very safety oriented and a true joy to fly with. I have recommended him to several friends and family members and will continue to do so. I even saved enough money to buy a very nice headset. If you don’t believe me just get my number from

Randon and give me a call.


—Will Page


So, you think you want to fly……….


The number one item on my “bucket list” was to learn to fly. So when I turned 60 I got my Sport Pilot certificate. I soon grew dissatisfied with the limitations and yearned for the opportunity to get my Private Pilot certification. I check out the usual places and was hit with the usual sticker shock. There was no way I could afford those prices. One night I placed an add in KSL.com for an independent CFI who I could work with on my schedule and budget. I got several responses and interviewed several potential instructors. I even flew with one who I rejected after the first flight.


I then called Randon Russell and I set down what I wanted to do. He was willing to customize his training to fit my needs. This cut out most of the ground school which I had received during my Sport Pilot training. He tailored his training to fit my needs in transitioning from a very lightweight sport plane to general aviation aircraft. His practical knowledge of aviation was effectively taught to someone who would never be described as a “quick learner.” I also must compliment a man with nerves of steel because he never once screamed in terror as I practiced my night landings. All though I have never seen someone turn so white as a ghost that he glowed in the dark cockpit. His revenge was to put me under the hood and make me learn to control an airplane by instruments. Anyone who needs Instrument training…are you listening? Did we have fun?….. YES!


Six weeks later I completed my checkout flight and have my Private Pilot certificate. (I also saved thousands of dollars in the process!)


Anyway, I would recommend Randon Russell and his Randon Aviation without hesitation to anyone who has flying on their bucket list. Just do it!


—Bob Sorbonne



What can I say but thanks! You and Randon Aviation provided Michael with what he needed! Greg Powell was excellent! We appreciate everything and wish you the best!


The Granthom’s



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